Oilhydraulic saw-tensioner brand “ENGELS-Dominicus”

Two-part-edition for frame-saws

tension-bloc and support-traverse are separately fixed on the gangsaw-frame
hereby full use of the complete frame is guaranteed at maximum movability of the tierods

One-part-edition for small gangsaws

tensionbloc and support-traverse are welded in one piece

roof-shaped tension-keys (stroke 15mm) are mounted in a dust-proof and sealed edition pressure-piston made of inox-steel
dust-proof high-pressure-cuffs
connection-bloc with oil-manometer in bar and tons

3 different editions

Modell 25/15 standard edition for the production of slab-thickness up from 20 mm
pressure-keys 25 mm, pressure till 14 tons/blade, according to machine
Modell 20/15 special-edition for the production of slabs up from 15 mm
pressure-keys 20 mm, pressure till 11 tons/blade
Modell 15/15 special-edition for the production of slabs up from 10 mm pressure till 10 tons/blade



- high performance-special-manometer to check tension-pressure in bar and tons

- available with 1,2 or 3 tubes

- separate use of tensioner and pump

- multi-use for several gangsaws

- high pressure-performance up to 700 bar = 14 tons

Tierods system “ENGELS-Dominicus”

-with pre-tension-screw and crescent-shaped lever

-center of lever is in line with the horizontal frame and the hydraulic-tensioner

-lever is flexible and enables a perfect adaption to the movement of the keys

Edition for diamond-sawblades:

dove-tailed holder 180 mm (also available in 200 mm) for use of diamond-blades
height-adjustment with fixable inox-screws,  no further adjustment for blade-
changing nessessary
wrought-tierod-head with frame-adjusted-height-measure
double-tape with extremely high tension-resistance
pre-tension-screw made from specially-wrought-steel
special-edition with pre-tension-lever for small gangsaws available

Edition for steelgrit –gangsaws

2-hole-fixing, blade-fixing with head-bolts
also available with crescent-shaped-lever and double-positioning
turning of tierods in the frame possible


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